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Remote mobile network connectivity testing for cellular IoT products

We help IoT product makers and network providers to test and validate NBIoT and Cat-M1 connectivity to offer reliable and battery-saving IoT connectivity services.

Reduce connectivity debugging cycles x100

No more frustrated engineers or customers because connectivity doesn't work

No more dependencies by relying to promises of network operators around the world

Reliable connectivity

leads to better product experiences

which leads to happier customers 

But it's not in your power.

We are changing that.

IoT Product Development


In your power without Testnik

In your power with Testnik

Our public coverage maps were based on manually collected excel sheets and promises of our partners. There was no proven data behind. We couldn't tell if we were actually able to deliver on our NBIoT coverage promises. With Testnik, we now have proven and validated data on where our networks work and where we can offer services like power-saving mode.

Ron A.

Telecommunications Engineer

Before using Testnik, we kept on losing devices in the field after deployment. In one case we lost 500k$ worth of animal tracking devices. That could have easily been prevented by testing connectivity parameters before shipping to a new country.

Mike S.

Tracking device manufacturer

4 easy steps to reliable IoT connectivity



Set parameters

Select test region

Select test modem


Select sim cards


Connect your Solo device to your the app when being on-site


Get your report

with all relevant network information


illustriert Laptop

Debug before shipping products

Get clarity on your network status in all regions

Image by Jackson David


Connectivity Providers

  • Give your IoT customers all the information they need to build better products with in-depth network insights

  • Stick to your SLAs with better monitoring of your roaming partners

Image by NASA


IoT Product Engineers

  • Know all network settings in any target region before you ship products to customers

  • Ship more reliable IoT products for happier customers

  • Debug efficiently by identifying connectivity issues faster

Book a demo

 If you are an IoT connectivity provider or product maker, reach out to us and see a demonstration of our products and services. Discuss use cases with our product & engineering team and discover how our solution can help you: 

  • Run IoT connectivity tests in different regions, for different modems and sim cards

  • Catch connectivity issues automatically

  • Debug and run your IoT products efficiently and cost-effective

  • Monitor roaming to deliver on your SLAs

Fill out the form and schedule a live demo. We are here to help you to deliver better IoT products.  

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