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About us

In 2005 one of our co-founders had a rabbit that was chewing a LAN cable. That was the inspiration for our logo.

Today, we are on a mission to provide reliable connectivity for IoT products.


Our Story

Built by IoT product developers for IoT product developers.

Our founders have spent a large amount of time in a lab developing IoT solutions for different companies, research institutes and hundreds of use cases. They were suffering from NBIoT and CAT-M1 connectivity problems with every project they started. The cherry on the top came from talking to numerous other people complaining about the same issues at all the IoT trade shows and hardware meetups they went to. Investigating and fixing connectivity bugs was a time-consuming and expensive recurring activity that no one wanted to deal with.

After teaming up to develop a first prototype, they quickly realized the potential of this solution. They were convinced that Testnik is not just useful to them but can provide value to the entire IoT ecosystem. Going out on a mission to provide reliable IoT connectivity across the globe, they started working with many different people from the IoT world and recognized that this problem needs to be solved by an easy-to-use, high-quality solution.

This is what we are here for. We bring more control to IoT product developers by helping them to build better products and give connectivity providers more transparency on their network to better serve their customers. 

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