Frequently asked questions

How does Testnik One work?

Our service includes that we deploy the necessary hardware and the SIMs relevant for your products in various country. You get access via a cloud-based tool to these testing locations so that you can run networks tests remotely. There is no need for you to deploy any hardware or travel to any location. Simply subscribe to our service and get access to everything you need to do NBIoT and Cat-M1 network testing.

What benefits do I get from using Testnik One?

It's simple.
If you are developing IoT devices that you are shipping to other places, you will experience connectivity issues. By testing connectivity upfront you will have all the information needed to avoid connectivity bugs and failures which will make your products more reliable and battery-saving. By automating testing, you can continuously ensure service reliability and detect failures early. If you are a connectivity provider, you can stick to the SLAs by bypassing promises of your roaming partners and get real information. You can also provide your customers with all the information they need to build better products which will utlimately make you a better service provider.

In which countries can I use Testnik One?

We have currently deployed our service in various European countries but are planning to expand it. Simply reach out to us via and tell us in which country you would like to test connectivity. We will deploy in those regions before you enroll to the subscription.

How much do I need to invest for more reliable c IoT products?

We have a simple pricing structre that is fair and based on your needs. Get in touch via for more information.