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Remote IoT connectivity testing and test automation

Join leading mobile and mobile virtual network operators to painlessly assure reliable cellular IoT connectivity for a world with better IoT products and happier customers.


Remote global IoT connectivity testing 

Test automation

Simple connectivity reports

Hassle free reliability assurance of global cellular IoT coverage

Global IoT connectivity testing
We are deploying a global network of devices that enable you to test connectivity with different modems, sim cards and network providers.
Cloud-based access to testing-as-a-service
A simple cloud-based tool allows you to run IoT connectivity tests from the convenience of your desk. This will significantly reduce your development time and cost.
IoT connectivity reports
You are getting in-depth reports on the network availability and settings. You can focus on your core business and don't have to worry about sudden connectivity issues.

Are you developing connected products?

Better know before shipping
Most IoT product builders like you are developing their devices in one country, then ship them to another one. Your product may also be moving cross countries.
Connectivity at your target location is a black box.
We help you to know the unknowns before so that you can focus on making your customers happy. Also, save time and money by avoiding long and expensive debugging cycles.

Are you selling and operating IoT connectivity?

Ensure SLAs and provide better services
Your customers care about one thing - reliable connectivity. But we know it's hard for you to ensure that if you are not the one who controls the network. 
Testing and validation of global networks will help you to identify connection problems quickly, monitor your roaming partners and decrease your service cost.

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