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Pocket-sized cellular IoT connectivity testing device

Don't bother spending thousands of dollars on complex baggage-sized testing machines anymore. Instead carry all that you need in your pocket.



Ad-hoc & on-site IoT connectivity testing


Pocket-sized testing device

Simple UX on a smartphone app

Simple connectivity testing

in your pocket

Bring it anywhere and run tests right where you are

Test cellular NBIoT & LTE-M connectivity on the go

User-friendly app interface to view results

Send connectivity reports to your development team right from the spot

Tiniest IoT connectivity testing device ever

It sounds almost too good to be true.

But it’s true!

This is all you need to do:

Simply run tests by connecting the app to your Solo device and get a full report on NBIoT and LTE-M ability right where you stand.


Simple reports with everything you need

Network parameters

Get all network parameters that your developer team needs to get products ready for shipment into every location.

Network connectivity

UDP or TCP? What works better here? Find it out by testing and get clarity if you can build a connection to your server.

Signal strength

Have clarity on the signal strength in the location you are planning to deploy your products. Detect white spots before deployment.

Low power mode

Know if PSM and eDRX is available and have certainty about how your products will perform after deployment

| Give to the community

| Receive back from the community

Publish your testing results to the Testnik community and get access to testing data from other global testers. The more we grow our community together, the more clarity we get on where NBIoT and LTE-M networks perform and what the network parameters are which we all need to build better IoT products.

Together we will build the best IoT connectivity map for generations of product builders to come.

Become part of a global tester community

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